Little Professors Preschool

Little Professors Preschool offers a high-quality structured preschool program that prepares children (ages 2-5) for kindergarten academically, socially, and behaviorally.

Steady Studio Media was tasked with elevating the client’s content from text to video to attract and engage more parents and teachers.


Brand Video, Recruitment Video


Discovery, Storytelling, Scriptwriting


Planning, On-Site Video Production, Commercial Drone Operation (FAA Part 107), Post-Production


The primary business objective was to attract new prospective parents and engage them with clear visuals of Little Professors Preschool’s program.

This video was created to promote their excellent preschool program and demonstrate its focus on academic learning, in addition to its play-based learning and social environment.


Additionally, Little Professors Preschool needed to hire top-quality talent to meet its growing demand.

Our client Breanne shared that alignment with her preschool’s philosophy and values around academic excellence was the most important factor she considered in prospective hires.

Leaning into her insight and Little Professor’s unique positioning of focusing on academic learning, we created this video to help her cut through the noise and attract more qualified applicants in the education industry.

“My preschool worked with Alex to create two videos. One video was to recruit employees and one video was to recruit clients. Alex made the entire process as simple as possible. He provided a permission form for clients to sign. He worked within the budget I provided. He worked within the timeline I requested. He listened to all of my concerns and edit suggestions and ultimately created two videos that I am 110% happy with! I would absolutely hire Alex again! He does AMAZING work!”

Breanne MessingerDirector and Owner of Little Professors Preschool

A look into our process…

After researching and facilitating a discovery process, we identified the most important information and story elements to create. You can see some of the selected images down below.

During discovery, our client Breanne shared that her preschool program taught students to learn through hands-on experiences. During production, we captured a teacher’s lesson on the concept of “orange,” where students learned through smelling and tasting the orange.

She also shared how students built confidence through taking on classroom responsibilities. This was shown through visuals of a young girl passing out hand soap to her classmates and a young boy passing out crayons to different tables.

The teachers shared that having Breanne’s help in the classroom throughout the day made a huge difference in their jobs and ability to provide individualized attention to their students. It was important for our team to have discovered this prior to our shoot so that we could be ready to capture Breanne working in the classrooms and the teachers working 1-on-1 with students.

By having a thorough process for discovery, concept development, scheduling, and shot planning, our team was prepared to capture the best moments of the day, despite the changes that happen in a fast-paced environment.

The Creative Team:

Producer and Director – Alex Oh
Creative Advisor – Joy Oh
Director of Photography and Drone Operator – Alan Chung
Editors – Mario Acevedo, Alex Oh